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"The workshops delivered by UCoach have been influential in my development as a coach.  They have helped me form my values and maximise my potential. Learning with them is hard work, rewarding and fun. I would recommend anyone to do a workshop with UCoach for honest and expert education"

Jon Meredith,



UCoach workshops provide coaches with new ideas and practical ways of improving their coaching sessions. All workshops delivered by UCoach are either LTA Approved or LTA Official Workshops. Each workshop provides 1 LTA licence point per hour of workshop.

Workshops offered by UCoach are delivered by some of the best tutors and coaches in the UK. There is a popular range of workshops on key themes for all levels of coaches.

Click on the links below to see details about each course.

LTA Workshops
All 3 hour workshops cost £30 and 6 hours £60, in addition the Welfare Officer Training is 1 hour in length and is free of charge.

UCoach Workshops

All 3 hour workshops cost £40 and 6 hours £60, except for "Creative Coaching" which costs £55 and the First Aid Course £65

Mini Tennis - 6 hours (£60)

This CPD is aimed at coaches with limited experience of Mini Tennis, newly qualified Level 3 Coaches and Level 2 Coaching Assistants booked onto a Level 3 Course and old Level 4 coaches wishing to upgrade.

Course Objectives:

  • Parents - managing expectations, education, tapping into their enthusiasm and utilising their skills on and off the court
  • How to work with Tennis Leaders and Level 1 Coaching Assistants to support on and off court work
  • Maximising the user of small spaces and large numbers
  • Designing a programme structure that includes awards and competition
  • Understanding the other sporting competition and upping the tennis offer
  • Tapping into the nursery market with tots tennis
  • Update on the ITF Rule Change and refresh of the LTA Mini Tennis Award

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Technical/Tactical & Competition Planning - 6 hours (£60)

This course will cover the latest tactical and technical updates from the modern game and show how to apply them to all levels of players. The development of players tactically and technically will then be related to the competition structure within British Tennis and how to plan for your player's competition schedule.

This CPD is aimed at coaches who hold at least a Level 3 qualification. It is specifically aimed at coaches who qualified a few years ago and who wish to update their old DCA or CCA qualification to the new Level 3 Coach of Level 4 Senior Club qualification.

Course Objectives:

  • Coaches to understand game situations and stroke intentions
  • how to apply game situations and stroke intentions to the analysis phase of the coaching process.
  • Developing the coaching process with practical application of ball characteristics
  • Match Charting
  • Linking match charting to player development
  • Competition Planning

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Adult Tennis - 6 hours (£60)

This course is open to coaches with the 1st4sport Level 2 Certificate in Coaching (Level 2 Coaching Assistant) or above and Registered or Licensed and will be available from February 2013.   

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Disability Awareness - 6 hours (£60)

The course is designed to provide coaches with a basic level of knowledge and confidence to deliver traditional and modified versions of tennis to pupils of all disabilities

The course will cover an overview of all disability impairment groups, as well as looking at practical implications for coaches to assist them in developing either an integrated programme or to introduce specific disability sessions

The course will be both practical and theory and will take place on court to include working with disabled players

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Working in Schools - 6 hours (£60)

This course is aimed at coaches looking to develop their skills to deliver tennis within a school environment and will cover:

  • Working with large groups 
  • Working in small spaces
  • Working in primary, special and secondary schools
  • How school sport works - who to speak to?
  • How to develop successful school club links 
  • How to use tennis to deliver the PE curriculum
  • What resources and support are available for schools

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Safety and Well Being in Tennis - 3 hours (£30)

This course is aimed at coaches, officials, volunteers, welfare officers, committee members and club members and replaces the previous "Safeguarding Children in Tennis Workshop" (SCIT). The training has been revised and developed to encompass the process and procedures for children, young people and adults at risk.

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Equality, Diversity and Inclusion - 3 hours (£30)

This is a new course and is aimed at coaches, officials, volunteers, welfare officers, committee momebers and club members. It is designed to help promote best practice to ensure high standards of professional conduct in coaches and venues.

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Welfare Officer Training (1 hour) Free (Volunteer Declaration Form to be completed)

This training is only available to those registered as the Welfare Officer at their club: Welfare Officers must have completed the Safety and Well Being in Tennis training prior to booking onto this course. 

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Cardio Tennis - 6 hours (£60)

Cardio Tennis is a fun fitness based tennis product. Coaches will be taught how to structure this high energy tennis work out delivered to music through fast paced drills.

At the end of the 6 hour workshop coaches will have: 

  • Ideas for warm ups, drill based and play based drills
  • Learned how to use heart rate monitors
  • Learned how to structure a cardio session effectively
  • Ideas for increasing revenue and how to include Cardio within the club programme
  • Tips on effective feeding to maximise activity

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How to Use Computer Analysis to Develop Technique

This workshop offers a practical and helpful way to learn how to use a computer to develop the technique of players of all ages and abilities. 

At the end of the 6 hour workshop coaches will be able to: 

  • Capture a player’s technique with a camera
  • Save the clips onto the computer in a personalised player file
  • Analyse the clips frame by frame
  • Compare the clips to some of the most famous tour players
  • Get a greater insight into the shot
  • Set smart goals with the player
  • Practice some on court drills and exercises to help the player achieve their goals
  • Re–capture the player and check for progress

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Fit Minis

Fit Minis is an ideal workshop for any coach working with 10u players.  The workshop not only provides background information as to which physical skills young players need to develop but also provides practical examples of how those skills can be placed within a training programme.   

At the end of the 6 hour workshop coaches will have an understanding of a fit minis programme including the following components: 

  • Speed - acceleration, deceleration, running technique
  • Co ordination including - orientation, differentiation, balance, reaction and rhythm                       
  • Injury prevention or “pre-hab”
  • Basic strength exercises for this age group (including brief introduction into squats, lunges and correct technique for weight lifting, without weights!)
  • Footwork patterns for effective court movement
  • Tennis related aerobic exercise
  • Fun functional ideas for warm ups
  • Examples of “physical fitness” home programmes

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Awareness of Standards

The game of tennis is growing quickly.  Standards are continually improving and coaches need to have their eye on the level required for their players.  The best way for any coach to make this judgement is to see at first hand the present standards. 

This UCoach workshop is delivered at National Junior tournaments, where the top players in each age group are competing.  Coaches will have the opportunity to observe matches and discuss the trends seen throughout the day. 

At the end of the workshop coaches will have: 

  • Watched a number of matches and gained an awareness of the current national standards
  • A picture of British players in comparison to our European counterparts (video clips to be shown)
  • A variety of systems to chart a match
  • A greater understanding of the technical requirements and tactical intentions for success on clay
  • Insights into the perspectives of top national coaches on the programmes and developments of top national players
  • The opportunity to ask questions as the matches are in progress

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Mental Skills Drills and Practices

This workshop takes a practical approach to the delivery of mental skills.  There will be an opportunity to try out a range of easy to use drills and exercises suitable for both group and individual coaching, with all levels and ages.

At the end of the 6 hour workshop coaches will have explored:  

  • Positive use of time between points
  • Triggers to help players feel free and in the zone
  • Fun games to help juniors learn mental skills 
  • Ways to help juniors deal with cheating
  • Developing confidence
  • How to lose and still want to play

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Drills and Practices for Large Groups

Effective group coaching requires the coach to not only be able to organise large numbers but also to be able to ensure that practices are fun, effective and create improvement!

This course is aimed at all Coaches and provides a range of ideas for drills and practices for large groups of all levels.

At the end of the 3 hour course coaches will have:

  • Ideas for large group warm ups
  • Activities to start with without equipment and how to introduce equipment
  • Ideas for purposeful practices using a small space such as a school hall
  • How to organise large numbers on court
  • Ideas for feeding and basket drills
  • Ideas for fun games and competitions to end a session

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Developing effective tactical and technical skills for 10U performance players

Tennis is getting younger!  With more and more young players training and competing at greater intensity tennis is becoming more advanced at an earlier age.  Coaches often ask the question “is my player on track for their age group?”  This course will show video footage of some of the best 10U players in the country and go some way towards answering the question.

With the development of mini tennis (different balls/ court area/equipment/competition framework) coaches are now able to teach the ‘whole game’ to their players.  It is the challenge of the coach to deliver advanced teaching which is also relevant to the child’s stage of development.

This course will explore the tactical patterns in specific court areas for these players alongside the technical skills required to execute the tactic.   The 6 hour course will be both on and off court and covers the following:

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Creative Coaching

Coaches continually ask for new ideas to invigorate their tennis programmes. This action packed workshop is aimed at all levels of coaches to assist in their delivery of tennis to a wide audience of players. We use Zsig equipment for all the activities. At the end of the 6 hour workshops coaches will have explored: 

  • Ideas for the use of equipment at all stages of the lesson to create purposeful activity
  • Ideas for differentiation to challenge all abilities
  • Ideas for how effective use of equipment can help in teaching large groups
  • Ideas on how to create circuits
  • Ideas for using equipment to develop athletic skills

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Coaching Project - Managing a Competitive Team

Provides 4 LTA Coach Licence Points

Competition is vital to growing and developing tennis in Britain and this project will help more coaches lead teams in competition in a proactive managerial role. There are seven Core skills explored in the project to give players a quality competitive experience, helping their overall development.

The 7 Core Skills for Managing Teams

  • Team Organiser: Organise paperwork/transport/results
  • Team Selector: The selection criteria
  • Team Motivator: Managing the motivational environment
  • Team Planner: Setting SMART team goals
  • Match Observer: Charting 4 matches
  • Team Communicator: Communicating the match reports
  • Working with Others: Managing issues

A project portfolio is sent to the coach for completion within six months of application. The seven core skills are assessed through the seven tasks in the project. The coach selects a competitive event to base their project around i.e. Aegon County Cup, Aegon Team Tennis, Local County Leagues.

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Movement for Minis

Movement for Minis is a great course for those coaches working with mini tennis players, particularly at red and orange level. Fundamentals of speed, co-ordination and movement patterns are explored. It is an on court course with lots of tactical examples of how to deliver effective and technical skills.

This 3 hour course is open to anyone who works with mini tennis players and an ideal pre-requisite for the Fit Mini course.

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Parents are important too!

Helping coaches to help parents support their children’s tennis development. At the end of the workshop the coaches will be able to organise and deliver a 3 hour course to mini tennis parents at their place to play. The aim is to develop the confidence and understanding of the parents in supporting the development of their children’s tennis.

This 3 hour course is open to coaches who want to help parents support their children's tennis development. The workshop covers:

  • How to deliver a 3 hour course
  • How to organise a 3 hour course
  • Help parent’s understand their role
  • Practically educate parents about the importance of the ABCD’S
  • Teach parents how to score
  • Teach parents how to help a tournament organiser
  • Educate parents to encourage good behaviour and habits

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Emergency First Aid Course

This course is ideal for smaller workplace settings that present few health and safety risks. The course covers basic life saving first aid and workplace health and safety regulations and you must be 16 or over to attend.

This 6 hour course is open to anyone who needs this qualification to work. The cost will be £65.00 and covers:

  • Health and Safety (first Aid) regulations
  • Managing an incident
  • The priorities of First Aid
  • Treatment of an unconscious casualty
  • Resuscitation
  • Shock
  • Choking
  • Seizures
  • Bleeding
  • Common workplace injuries

HSE and LTA approved

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Emergency First Aid at Work
Dates: 15/07/2018
Time: 09:00 - 15:30
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Emergency First Aid at Work
Dates: 19/07/2018
Time: 09:00 - 15:30
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Emergency First Aid at Work
Durham & Cleveland
Dates: 02/09/2018
Time: 09:00 - 15:30
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Emergency First Aid at Work
Dates: 02/09/2018
Time: 09:00 - 15:30
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