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Ok so as the spring starts to steam headlong towards us and everyone starts gearing up for the main tennis season we thought it would be nice to celebrate the work we do by profiling a selection of coaches that have gone through the “UCoach” system and are out there right now in their communities delivering sessions week in week out. If your thinking of starting out as a tennis coach or are already on the pathway then read on over the next few weeks to see if these guys and girls can motivate you into taking that next progression to a career coaching this wonderful sport.

We want to showcase as many success stories as we can and will be regularly profiling the coaches that come through the UCoach system, but first up in this series is Level 3 Tennis Coach, Jonnie Crowley. We met up with Jonnie recently to ask a few questions and see how his own career is progressing. Here is what he had to say…

Name: Jonnie Crowley
Age: 25
Highest Tennis Coaching Level attained: Level 3
Club: Devizes Tennis Club (Wiltshire)

What UCoach courses have you undertaken?: Level 3, Cardio Tennis

What made you take a UCoach course and how did you find it?: I originally attended a cardio tennis workshop course in Bristol with UCoach run by Nigel whilst I was a level 2. I really enjoyed the course and found Nigel’s energy and enthusiasm very motivating and after talking with his assistant on the day who was midway through his level 3 course about UCoach I decided to go online and sign up for the next available course dates. I really enjoyed the course and found it very beneficial and it has improved me immensely as a coach. I feel more confident in all areas of my coaching and feel I am now a much more rounded coach.

Most valuable thing you took away from the course: Confidence in my knowledge of technique and tactics and motivation to continually improve as a coach

How often do you coach?: Fulltime

What’s the best part of being a tennis coach?: Working with adults and kids who are with you on court because they want to be and that you are the one that can make a difference for them.

What part of being a tennis coach do you like the least?: Has to be the admin side of the job. It’s just as important as the on court work but not as enjoyable or rewarding.

Biggest achievement so far in coaching tennis: In September 2013 I won the Wiltshire and Swindon young coach of the year award at the Wiltshire sports awards in Trowbridge.

sports award

Something interesting about you people may not know: It took me until the age of 14 to first pick up a tennis racket and attempt to play the sport

Do you have a top tip for coaching beginner adults?: Keep it simple, enjoyable and set your sessions up so your pupils always leave with a sense of achievement but most importantly that they have enjoyed it enough that they come back for more.

Do you aspire to be a tennis coach? Are you already coaching and considering making that next step on the coaching ladder? have some questions? Why not ask them by commenting below…

Come back next week for the next installment in the series where we focus on another UCoach Coach.

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