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Understanding the Female Tennis Coach – Part 1 of 3

This entry is part 1 of 3 in the series Understanding the Female Tennis Coach

It all starts with understanding

Have you ever considered whether your approach towards the female coaches your tasked with educating or mentoring is the right approach for them? Do you understand the unique concerns or needs of women, when educating or mentoring them? Do you address these verbally and in your training formats? Are you able to answer women’s questions – or even better, anticipate them? What would your female coaches have to say if you asked them these questions and why should you care? A few things to consider from a female perspective…

Few female coaches are pursuing tennis coaching qualifications after level 2 and your awareness of the issues and their needs will ultimately help to develop a growing market of female coaches.

• Courses can be daunting, especially when females are in the minority
• There are few role models for aspiring female coaches
• There are very few centres or clubs with with females leaders
• Industry has ensured a more equal male-female balance to get the best out of our companies, therefore shouldn’t tennis follow suit?
• 50% of the population are female, an untapped coaching workforce market

Just imagine what could be achieved if we were to address this imbalance.

The more you know about and understand your female coaches, the better equipped you will be to provide them with a positive environment – and to ensure their long term participation in our clubs and the wider tennis industry.

Knowing their specific needs and concerns and being alert to early warning signs of problems will empower you to be their advocate and their resource. This series of articles aims to address these challenges by fostering greater understanding and positive action.

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