CJ KIndred, Level 3 Tennis Coach

Profile of a UCoach Coach – CJ Kindred

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Continuing our series profiling some of the talented coaches that come through the UCoach system, this week we turn our attention to a coach who has come through the UCoach pathway from LTA Level 1 right through to LTA Level 3, and he is still only 18 years old!

We met up with CJ Kindred recently to ask a few questions and see how his own career is progressing. Here is what he had to say…

Name: CJ Kindred
Age: 18
Highest Tennis Coaching Level attained: Level 3
Club: David Lloyd, Cambridge

What UCoach courses have you undertaken?: LTA Level 1, 2, 3 and Cardio Tennis

What made you take a UCoach course and how did you find it?: I was stuck in my comfort zone and felt that it was time for me to stretch myself and experience a challenge, I had heard some great things about the courses that UCoach run and decided to step up to the plate. Undertaking my training with UCoach was invaluable, there emphasis is on the coaches, they made me feel that it really was all about me, I came away feeling much more confident in my coaching ability, greater knowledge and understanding about coaching methods to really enable others to get the best out of the learning process and achieve their potential.

Most valuable thing you took away from the course: The biggest thing for me which has always stuck with me in everything i do was about only sticking to one big teaching point in an individual lesson to make sure the person i’m coaching really gets it and not moving on until they get it but equally i also learnt that I don’t need to go on and on about something, a few key words does the same job or in many instances can have a more positive and lasting impact.

How often do you coach?: Fulltime

What’s the best part of being a tennis coach?: Without hesitation its the satisfaction of seeing someone improve because of the learning interaction they are having with me.

What part of being a tennis coach do you like the least?: There can be a tendency in all sectors of sports coaching to be seen as a good child care option. At these times you become less of a coach and more of a babysitter which can be frustrating.

Biggest achievement so far in coaching tennis: Coaching a 5 year old who finished runner up in his first ever tournament. Coaching under 14 male and females who play tournaments all over the world. Regular hits/lessons with some of the Top 20 players in the under 18′s age group.

Something interesting about you people may not know: I had the same individual coach the whole time I’ve played tennis until I started tennis coaching full time!

Do you have any top tip for coaching beginner adults?: Make sure it’s fun, don’t be too serious. Use a lot of similes to make them enjoy the help. E.g. Prepare the vegetables (racket) early, Don’t cook them too high temperature (don’t hit the ball too hard) and give the customer (the ball) their food on time (contact ball in right place).

Always think about their needs, what do they want to achieve? don’t teach them to be the next professional, teach them to be what their needs desire. The other thing is to just hit lots and lots of balls with them. Encourage lot’s of questions and answers.

Don’t just think about training them to be good at every shot without pressure. Coach them to be good at every shot with pressure.


Do you aspire to be a tennis coach? Are you already coaching and considering making that next step on the coaching ladder? have some questions? Why not ask them by commenting below…

Come back next week for the next installment in the series where we focus on another UCoach Coach.

Nigel Long,
UCoach Director & PCA Coach

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