Understanding the Female Tennis Coach – Part 3 of 3

This entry is part 3 of 3 in the series Understanding the Female Tennis Coach

Thinking FEMALE

The skill of the educator and mentor is to socially engineer the environment to bring out the best in the female coaches they work with. To help wiht construction try the “think “FEMALE” method. It spells out the key components that need addressing when nurturing female coaches:

Think “FEMALE”

Focus: On personal best goal setting and achievements
Empathy: Recognise the feelings that the coach is experiencing
Mastery: Encourage the joyof accomplishing at one’s own pace
Autonomy: Promote a sense of choice and self determination
Learn: Help capture teachable moments that steepen improvement
Effort: Show respect for human endeavour

UCoach courses and workshops aim to encourage female coaches to further their qualifications and become leaders of industry in clubs around the UK. If you want to experience what we have to offer, visit www.ucoach.org.uk and be part of the think “FEMALE” campaign

Mandy Franks, Director of UCoach
MA,MSc,Master Tutor

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